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Trump for President? – Bible Prophecy Seminar

This year’s U.S. Presidential campaign has been one for the ages. Who would have thought that these two candidates were the best that America has to offer? Donald Trump has been especially inflammatory and controversial in his campaign. Love him [...]

September 19, 2016 End Time Prophecy

God Loves Losers Too!

From grade 6 to grade 8 I attended a tiny church school of between 6-12 students covering all of the elementary grades. For two of the three years I attended that tiny school, I was the oldest student there. One [...]

January 29, 2016 End Time Prophecy

Get ready… The world is about to end!

The Bible is clear. The world will not always go on the way it has. There will not always be evil, death, sickness, sadness. The book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, makes it clear that God plans [...]

January 5, 2015 End Time Prophecy

Isn’t the Tribulation Part of God’s Wrath?

In previous articles we’ve talked about What is the tribulation? and we’ve also looked at pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib views… In this article we’ll address a common misconception that many people have regarding the tribulation. Many people mistakenly believe that [...]

November 23, 2013 Second Coming

When Will the Tribulation Take Place?

In previous articles we talked about what is the tribulation and we also talked about who will have to go through the tribulation. In this article I’d like to discuss what the bible has to say about when the tribulation [...]

November 23, 2013 End Time Prophecy

Why is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Necessary?

While he was still on earth, Jesus clearly taught that he was coming again a second time. The Bible clearly teaches that the world won’t continue forever in its current state. “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God;believe also [...]

October 31, 2013 Second Coming

New Pope… Last Pope?

Our part of the world woke up this morning with the news that pope Benedict XVI has decided to resign. This is the first time in modern history that a pope has resigned and the first time in over 600 [...]

March 30, 2013 End Time Prophecy, Errors of Babylon