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Can We Trust the Bible?

A lot of people have all kinds of ideas and opinions about the Bible. A lot of people say that it’s a ancient dusty book that has got nothing to do with my daily life. Others, like Christians, consider it a supernatural book and a very present help in times of trouble. So what’s true? What’s fact? What’s myth? This video explores this very important topic.

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Evolution versus the Bible – Presentation 1

The story of creation as found in the Bible finds itself at odds with the majority view in our culture that is based on the theory of evolution. Christians have found themselves caught up in the battle of two world views. Not wanting to be seen as ignorant or backward, educated Christians have often sought a compromise between two incompatible belief systems.

Science and Evolution as it is taught and practiced today has all the hallmarks of a religion or belief system. Christians must decide which they will believe. Will they maintain their faith in the Bible or will they allow science to interpret the bible?

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