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Do you Love Jesus?

I just read a great post over at about Missions. Pastor Rodlie Ortiz makes a great point about how sharing Jesus isn’t about something we are forced to do but something that should come out of our love of [...]

August 12, 2011 Mission

Helping the Poor… Sign of being right with God?

I live in Canada where we have an unbelievable amount of freedom and riches. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m going to eat today. I’m not concerned about my personal freedom to worship God how I [...]

July 23, 2011 Mission
Are you a Missionary?

Are you a Missionary?

I’m writing this on Saturday, May 21st, the beginning of the end of the world according to the Family Radio Network and its founder, Harold Camping. Now while it is highly unlikely that this is the end, there is no [...]

May 21, 2011 Mission