Any time we have a major weather phenomenon the question comes up as to whether this weather phenomenon is a sign of the end. Whether we are talking about hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis or nuclear disasters it is natural that people look for answers to these disasters. Some people believe that these disasters are a sign of God’s displeasure and it is a curse that is falling on the recipients of the disaster’s damage. God must be angry. The inhabitants of the earth are getting their due.

So let’s deal with the question of this article. Are hurricanes a sign of the end? Yes and no. Yes in that God is in control of all things and he permits nature to be affected by man’s meddling. Everything that happens on the earth is ultimately permitted by Him.

No in that hurricanes have always been a part of the ocean cycle (at least since the flood). The temperature of the earth ebbs and flows. Some centuries it is higher than others. Many things can affect the temperature of the earth as well. It isn’t simply because of the increase in carbon dioxide by mankind’s industrialization. While I couldn’t rule out mankind’s role in the increase in global temperatures leading to an increase in the frequency and severity of hurricanes it could just as easily be a weather cycle.

Now don’t misunderstand me though. I do believe that we are living at the end of time. I do believe that the increase in earthquakes and natural disasters are a sign of the end. I don’t think we can point to any one natural disaster and say that this particular disaster was a result of God’s wrath on a particular city or country. Having said that though, we should be ready to accept that it could be God trying to speak to us through the disaster.

“Jesus promised us that the disasters at the end of time wouldn’t be the end but simply the beginning of the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” – Matthew 24:7-8

My recommendation is to take the increase of hurricanes and the increase in natural disasters as a wake up call. Get right with God… What are you waiting for?