Have you wondered whether you can trust the Bible or not? Many different sources out there try to cast doubt on the Bible. There are many good reasons to believe that the Bible isn’t simply some old dusty book on par with other ancient books. Many things point to the supernatural origins of the Bible. Covering all of these in detail is beyond the scope of this article.

Let me ask you a question… Do you have an open mind on the subject? Are you willing to consider the possibility that the Bible is really a special book? I while back we recorded a series called ‘Evidence’ that examined reasons why the Bible is more than just an ancient book. If you haven’t listened to these presentations than I urge you to go and check them out. Evidence is a four part series with the first presentation entitled, “Can you trust the Bible.” The other three presentations are as follows, “Amazing Bible Prophecies Revealed“, “Was Jesus a Real Person” and finally, “Was Jesus Resurrected… Does it Matter?

Why I believe the Bible is special

  1. It has more fulfilled prophecies than every other ancient book combined. Over 2,000 prophecies are given in the pages of Scripture (the Bible) and the majority of them have already been accomplished.
  2. It predicted the coming of Jesus, how he would come to the world and how he would die at least 200 years before his birth.
  3. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 prophecies have been fulfilled in the life of Jesus alone. Staggering proof of the power of the Bible to predict the future.
  4. Remarkable unity from cover to cover. Despite having been written over a period of 3,500 years and having nearly 40 authors, the Bible never contradicts itself and is consistent in its message from the beginning – the book of Genesis – to the end – the book of Revelation.
  5. Reading the Bible transforms lives. Anyone who undertakes to read the Bible for a period of time and with an open mind will come face to face with its amazing wisdom, simplicity and power. It is very difficult to read it and not be transformed.

If you haven’t taken the time to read the Bible I encourage you to start today. If you don’t own your own Bible we would love to send you one. The easiest way to do this is to go to our main page at Thelastcrisis.tv and click on the tab that says ‘Response Card.” Enter in your information including your mailing address and we’ll send you a Bible for free.

Finally, if you will come to the Bible with an open mind you’ll find that it contains all the knowledge and wisdom you need to live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.