We recently had a board meeting for Thelastcrisis.tv where one of our board members challenged us to pray more. This same board member stated in her challenge that no significant thing has been done for God without significant prayer before, during and after the work. This challenge has led me to examine my life and ask myself some hard questions. Am I ready to sacrifice my time towards making prayer a priority in my personal life? Am I willing to be seen as ‘wasting time’ in meetings by others because I insist on spending more time in prayer during our meetings? Am I willing to be the object of persecution, jokes and insult by others who see me praying in public? Bottom line, how much importance do I place on prayer?

Put your money where your mouth is…

It is so easy to be busy with doing life and allow prayer to take second, third or last place in our life. I’ve done it. I’m not proud to say it but I have. Unless we keep its importance before us at all times we won’t do enough of it. We won’t seek God for the blessing that he wants to give us. We won’t have the faith and wisdom we need to do something significant for God. In John 14:13-14 we read, “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

Do you believe that God answers prayer? Do you believe that God will answer your prayers? The God of the universe actually wants to answer your prayers. If we really believed that we would pray more. God wants to help us find answers to the struggles we face in our daily life. Will you make the choice to make prayer a priority for you? Will you decide to put other things, maybe even good things aside to pray more?

Want to do something significant for God? Not without much prayer.