Lately I’ve had some conversations with some people who tell me that should be focusing more on giving people specific advice on how to physically prepare for the coming crisis and the end of the world. I do struggle with not falling into the trap of simply imparting knowledge without a practical component. At the same time though there is a real danger to diving into giving people practical advice on how to prepare for the end of the world.

Packing the RV with wilderness survival gear…

I’ve read and heard of people who have an RV packed with one year’s supply of food, seeds for starting a garden, fuel, wood, etc… all in preparation for the coming new world order and the ensuing global crisis and chaos that will no doubt usher in this new era of the world’s history. Te thing is though, as appealing as it sounds, I don’t believe that physical preparation is our greatest need or what we should be spending all our time on.

Does your neighbor know Jesus?

The bible is clear that this world is passing away. Jesus is coming back to get his people. The world as we know it won’t exist for long. We also know that we can’t take this worlds’ wealth and goods with us into the next life. They will all perish and burn when Jesus comes back. Do you want to know the only thing we can take with us? Or friends and family. Our neighbor, the postman, your librarian, your neighborhood police officer. People are the real treasure. The only investment that has eternal value. What are you doing to share Jesus with people?

I challenge you to examine your life and take a good look at how much you talk about Jesus to others. How convinced are you that what you share or don’t share will impact your neighbor or your family? If you knew that you knew that a massive earthquake was coming to your area hours before it happened would you stick around and do or say nothing? Of course not. You’d have urgency and it would come through in your actions and in how you spoke to loved ones and neighbors.

So why don’t we have this urgency? I think it is because deep down we don’t really believe that it is urgent. We also kid ourselves that sharing Jesus with our neighbors is someone else’s job.

How much do you love your neighbor? Do you love them enough to face the discomfort of learning how to share Jesus with them?