Forbes recently put out a list of the 68 most powerful people in the world. Pope Benedict XVI ranks number 5. Of the two religious leaders on this list, pope Benedict XVI ranks 5th and the Dalai Lama 39th. When Forbes put together this list four key questions guided their choices. Michael Noer lists these questions on the Forbes website. The four questions were as follows. First, do they have power over a lot of people?  Do they have significant financial resources relative to their peers?  Can they project their power in multiple areas (say media, business and politics)?  And, finally, do they actively wield their power. Guided by these four questions Forbes decided that the pope ranked fifth in the world. Wow.

The pope’s profile on Forbes starts with the following: “Highest earthly authority for 1.1 billion souls, or one-sixth of world’s population. Staunch traditionalist deplores secularism, consumerism and moral relativism, unbending on birth control, gay marriage and ordination of female priests.” Forbes recognizes the pope’s large moral authority. It recognizes that the pope has a large following globally that he influences. They acknowledge the problems he has faced in recent times with regards to priestly abuses and the like but believe that he is tackling these issues head on and effectively. In spite of all of the major problems facing the Catholic church today because of countless proven and unproven sexual abuse allegations the pope more or less retains his moral authority in the eyes of the world.

The Pope’s role at the end of time

The bible predicts that the pope will be the major player against God’s people at the end of time. The biblical books of Daniel and Revelation both point to the Roman Catholic church as the antichrist power at the end of time. For a full presentation on these biblical truths make sure you go listen to presentation 2 and 3 of The Last Crisis biblical prophecy seminar. Most of the Christian world today is deceived on this topic. Most of them are looking for a future antichrist when the biblical antichrist is already here! You owe it to yourself to do your own research and not to accept something simply because people are throwing around some bible texts and some fancy logic.

The world today is in a moral crisis. There are forces at work to enslave the population of the world to do their bidding. The end game scenarios are already in full swing by the powers of darkness in high places. Satan knows he doesn’t have much time left before Jesus comes back. In articles to follow I’ll outline some of the crisises the world is facing and some ideas of how Satan is going to deceive through them.